NYX Butter Gloss + Mega Shine Gloss

Spring has come, the weather has been nice, and I needed some springy lip glosses! When I thought which brand had most beautiful and affordable lip glosses, NYX came up in my mind. I believe you can get NYX in Japan as I've seen a stand before inside of Shop-In, but it didn't show up when I searched on Rakuten so I decided to purchase some on Cherry Culture. The delivery fee was a little bit expensive considering the fact that the parcel was really light, so I decided to pick up 3 different lip glosses rather than just getting one.

I got Mega Shine Gloss in Tea Rose, Butter Gloss in Maple Blondie and Peaches and Cream. 

Left to Right : Peaches and Cream, Tea Rose and Maple Blondie

They all are gorgeous, and smell nice. I personally don't like the scent of Mega Shine Gloss, which I believe is a cherry scent, but I love how Butter Gloss smells. It smells like vanilla cupcake or something, very sweet yet not overpowering.

Mega Shine Gloss in Tea Rose
It doesn't look opaque in this photo but in person it looks pretty bright and has a blue undertone. It instantly brightens up my complexion which is very nice. I expected more of a glossy finish from the name of it, but it doesn't look too shiny on my lips. 

Butter Gloss in Peaches and Cream
Such a pretty pink! It's almost like a bright neon pink that grabs attention for sure! I wear this shade when I'm not wearing too much makeup on my eyes, otherwise it's easy to get OTT with this bright pink shade. Butter Gloss gives much more of a glossy finish that I love. But the thing is it emphasises dryness of your lips, so you need to be careful otherwise it makes your lips look terrible. You might want to scrub and moisturise your lips in advance.

Butter Gloss in Maple Blondie
LOVE this shade. This is my favourite out of three, it's such a gorgeous coral pink shade. It's not too bright, but it's bright enough to suit my mood in spring. It also emphasises dry patches on my lips, but I just can't stop wearing it. 

I wish they had more beigy toned shades in the Butter Gloss collection, just because the shades are too bright for me although I love the finish it gives. What's your favourite lip gloss at the moment? Let me know! xx


Mote Mascara Moisture Comb

Mote Mascara Moisture Comb 1800yen
I'm a big fan of Mote Mascara as you may already know. Their original mascara in the silver tube is the best, as it makes my lashes look longer and fuller. I recently got the newest one with the comb wand (is that what it's called?) which defines the lashes without making them look OTT.

The comb is made in Kaiduka area in Japan, where is famous for the craftsmanship of Japanese traditional combs. This mascara is very wet that you need to wipe excess with tissue paper before use, otherwise it applies too much to the roots. 

This is how it looks on my eyelashes. It does not make my lashes fuller, but it makes them look very sleek and long. You can see that some lashes are stuck together and it makes it look like I have less eyelashes. To be honest, I wish it coated individual lashes rather than gluing them together. 

Another thing you should keep in mind if you are considering purchasing this mascara is that it becomes rock-hard when dry, and it's pain in the butt to remove. It's supposed to be "water-proof BUT easy to remove with warm water" but don't be fooled, it won't come off easily. I actually stung my skin with my own eyelashes because I didn't even think that they were that hard! But which means it's a perfect mascara for the beach, or whenever you are willing to cry. 

I recommend this mascara to those who are looking for one doesn't come off easily, and makes their lashes sleek and defined.  For those who like fuller, voluminous lashes, I wouldn't recommend. Have you tried Mote Mascara? Which type is your favourite?


Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner $7.99 (eBay)
Since when I saw Rachel from Check in the Mirror talking about this brush cleaner, I had been waiting for an opportunity to try it out. It never came naturally of course, so I made it happen! I got it from eBay at quite a reasonable price including the postage, and the seller I put the link above was very kind. The first one I got was defective and the pump didn't work. They immediately sent me a replacement, and it was a very satisfying customer service they provided.

Anyway, the product itself is just amazing! )I had never had a brush cleaner so please keep that in mind) First of all I was amazed by the fact it cleaned my brushes without wetting them. And it does clean the brushes really well.

 I'm going to show you how it works. You see the eyeshadow is on the brush in the photo above, right? It's sometimes annoying not to be able to use the same brush as you just used with different colours. Especially when you use a dark shade, you can't use the same brush to add some highlights on the inner corner of your eyes. 

But this brush cleaner (or any brush cleaner maybe) makes it happen. Just spray one pump to the brush.....

 ...and swirl the brush on a tissue paper for like 5 seconds.

Voila! The brush got as clean as it would be after washing it! And it's not wet at all. 

The great thing about this brush cleaner is that it leaves a very nice scent on the brush. It smells of vanilla afterwords, although it smells of glue or alcohol or something unpleasant when sprayed. I clean the brushes after use, so that it smells really nice when I use them next time, rather than cleaning them right before use. 

I wash my brushes once a week, but this product is really handy to use during the week! Especially if you don't have many brushes like me, you definitely need this product. Some people left comments saying "This is a life changer" on my photo of this product that I posted on my Instagram, and I totally agree. 

If you know any other good brush cleaner, let me know! x       



A Peel-Off Lip Stain! PeLips Colouring Pack

PeLips Colouring Pack  1260yen
Do you like weird yet innovative Japanese beauty products? If you do, you will love this product. It's a lip stain that you peel off. It was my first time to try out a product like this, and I had never heard of anything like this before, even. 

How to use : First you wipe off your lips to make sure there is nothing on your lips. Then apply it on your lips. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes. Then peel off when it's dry. 

Do you want to see the result?

So this is how my lips look without anything on.

It looks like Ally McBeal having a lip injection (do you remember the episode, anyone? Or am I too old here?) but don't worry, it will dry out after 5 minutes. It has this strong scent of peach which I am not a big fan of, but I can live with it. Oh, and you have to be careful not to close your lips while waiting, as it gets stuck together.

My lips after the weird procedure! It gives this blue-toned-pink tint to my lips and it looks quite pretty. Because it's stained completely, you can wear a lip balm instead of lipstick and still look like you're wearing something on your lips. 

It lasts for a few hours or even more, and you can control the intensity by applying one more coat. It's not something I would do on a weekday at 7am when I'm rushing to go to work, but I would use it on my day off before going out with some friends for example. It's really good not to have to be worrying about reapplying lipstick throughout the day, isn't it?

I hope they will come out with some other shades as well, like beigy pink and coral as well as rosy pink. What do you think of the product? Would you want to try it?


How to hide pores? Use Natura Patte Primer!

Natura Patte Primer
I remember I didn't have ANY visible pores on my cheeks nor my nose when I was 18. My skin was silky smooth that looked like a porcelain doll's that I didn't need foundation at all. If you are 18 now and thinking exactly the same looking into the mirror, you should try your best to maintain it somehow, by moisturising and nourishing your skin every single day, and not to rub your skin too much with muslin cloth or cotton pads. If you are like me, having quite visible pores on the cheek and nose that you cannot cover up only with foundation, you need this primer. I have been loving this primer since I got it to review in February, especially paring it with Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse Foundation that I wrote about the other day.

What is special about this primer is that it's suitable for dry skin. I found some primer that mattifies the skin and hides pores tend to be drying and emphasises dry patches around my nose especially. With this primer, that never happens. It's got this unique texture that I cannot even describe. It's like a mixture of clay + silicone + mousse that creates a beautiful, smooth and clean canvas on your skin. 

Once you try to blend it out, it becomes patchy like this. First I thought "What the hell is going on with this primer, it's going to make my whole face while and zombi-liike!" but don't speak too soon, the patchiness will be completely gone once it's completely blended out. I should actually apologise to the primer for cussing it. Sorry.

Voila!! It hides everything that you don't want to be seen through the foundation without drying out your skin. I only dab a little bit on my cheeks and nose, and a tiny bit on my forehead before applying my foundation, most of the time it's the Rimmel one I mentioned. The foundation glides on smoothly and it creates such a flawless look. 

There is another version of this primer in a blue tube as well, and I believe that one is for mattifying gel for oily skin that I might need that one for summer! I think it's around 1000yen mark which is very affordable, and such a good price for the quality. I recommend it to anyone who wants to cover up their pores without drying out the skin!

What's your favourite primer? Any recommendations?


Is Plante System Urgence Eau Micellaire better than Bioderma?

Plante System Urgence Eau Micellaire 2400yen
When I saw the packaging of this micellaire water at PLAZA a few months ago, I thought it was Bioderma because it was in the exact same bottle with white, blue and red lids just like Bioderma. Then I realised it wasn't, and I suspected that it was a Japanese company that made a knock-off. But actually, it's made by a French company that was a leading company of botanical research. I have no idea which company came up with the micellaire water first in this specific bottle, with the lids in 3 different colors, but they look identical except the label design.

So this one with the blue lid is for dry and super dry skin. The red one is for sensitive skin and white one is for any skin types. All of them contain Sea-buckthorn, Olive and Green tea. This specific one called Urgence contains macadamia oil to nourish the skin.

It doesn't have any fragrance in it but it has this herbal scent that many people don't like apparently. I personally don't mind at all, because it smells like Coke to me for some reason! It's not the smell that I cannot stand putting on my face, it's just not particularly pleasant.

So, how's the performance? Here are some makeup stuff hard to remove including lip stain, waterproof eyeliner and eyeshadow.

I gently wiped the right half and as you can see, it doesn't remove the eyeliner completely. I did the same using Bioderma too, and it DID remove everything in one go! With this Micellaire water from Plante System, you need to rub your face with a cotton pad quite a lot to remove eyemakeup especially, and it feels a little bit harsh on the skin. It does feel moisturising afterwords but Bioderma doesn't dry out my skin anyway which leaves no reason to choose Plante System one over Bioderma to be honest. 

And you know what, this one is 2400yen whereas Bioderma is sold for around 1800yen online here in Japan. It's not a bad Micellaire water at all, but sorry, Bioderma is too good. 

What's your favourite Micellaire water?


Go!Leopards Full Volume Mascara & Dramatic Eyeliner

Go!Leopards Full Volume Mascara & Dramatic Eyeliner
Go!Leopards series is especially made to make your eyes look bigger and defined. By using the eyeliner and mascara together, your eyes look much bigger, they claim.

Dramatic Eyeliner
This double ended eyeliner has got this side with a felt-tip eyeliner, and another with brown powder.

This felt-tip eyeliner is easy to control and helps you to draw thin lines, although the ink isn't black enough to my liking. 

This is how it looks on my eyelids. It looks like grey rather than black.

And this end has got this sponge tip with brown powder on.

You just apply this powder on top of the liquid eyeliner. 

Full Volume Mascara
Now let's move on to the mascara. I'm not sure about the packaging to be honest, I don't particularly want my mascara to have leopard print on it. This mascara is waterproof yet easy to remove with warm water. 

It has this curved brush that catches all the lashes. It's impressive how it catches short lashes as well and keep the curl, but I have a problem with how wet this mascara is! It's SO wet that it makes it harder to apply on the roots as it goes everywhere, my eyelids, around my brow bones and my cheeks! It also sticks my lashes together, which means it makes it look like I have less lashes if that make sense. I will try to dry it a little bit, I hope it won't stick my lashes together then.

You can see the mascara sticking some lashes together in the photo. I wish it would coat the lashes individually and separate them, to make them look fuller. But I come across with this kind of mascara, most of the time with pretty wet formula, when it comes to Japanese mascara. This is why I don't like Japanese mascara much, they are focused on the length not the volume.

I wish the eyeliner was more black, and the mascara was drier. Overall I think those are OK products, not too impressive that I would rush and go buy them.

Have you tried them before?