Nocor Organics Hot Healing Body Massage Oil

Nocor Organics Hot Healing Body Massage Oil  5,980yen
I am not a body-oil kind of girl at all. I hate the oily residue on the skin, and I hate even more to get dressed after applying a body oil because then my PJ sticks to the skin and ahh it's just disgusting just thinking about it. Though I am a beauty addict, I admit that I don't like applying a body lotion either especially in winter when the air is cold in my room. That's why every year I end up with dry, cracked skin.

But this winter, I have a secret weapon. It's Nocor Organics Hot Healing Body Massage Oil. Nocor is not a huge brand in Japan, I didn't know the existent until I was given an opportunity to try this oil out. It's an organic body oil that has the essential oils that help your blood flow and warm up your body, such as ginger, cinnamon and pepper. The base oil contains olive oil, jojoba oil and castor oil that hydrate and nourish your skin.

The blend of orange, grape fruit, ginger, cinnamon and pepper smells absolutely divine. It smells really fresh and citrusy, then it becomes more like an oriental, deeper scent in the end. 

It's so relaxing to massage my legs and arms with this oil, because it's far from stickiness and oiliness, and it sinks into my skin as if my body is drinking it (...or as if my body is a desert). It doesn't leave the oily film on the skin, and I can get dressed right after the oil is applied. How amazing is that? The pump is very handy as well that I sometimes use it as a hand cream too.

In Japan, 'Hietori (冷えとり)' has been on trend for years now which is a health management method where you warm your body and ideally increase your temperature to improve immunity. Hie means cold, and Tori means remove. My feet get extremely cold in winter, and I hope this oil would help increase the blood flow! 

Do you have any favourite body oil? Let me know :)


Sweets Sweets Velvet Souffle Cheek / Apple Souffle

Sweets Sweets Velvet Souffle Cheek  900yen
You must remember my post about Sweets Sweets Velvet Souffle Cheek that I wrote about a month ago (HERE), because I was raving about it a lot. And I mentioned that I would try out other shades from the range that are more suitable for winter. I picked up this shade called Apple Souffle, as it looked like berry toned deep red that would be perfect for the colder season. However, I was extremely disappointed when I actually used it on my skin.

Before I start complaining about it, look how beautiful it is. It looks like a deeper red that is sophisticated, and based on my experience with the shade Apricot Souffle which still is one of my favourite blushers, I assumed this one would work the same. 

But it didn't.

Can you guess why I was disappointed with this blush? It's because the formula is absolutely rubbish. First of all, the shade looks different from how it looks in the jar (is it a jar? Or a container?). It's much brighter, blue-tone pink rather than deep red that I wish it was. 

Another thing is that it goes on so patchy. I apply it with my trusty stippling brush from Real Techniques, that works really well with Apricot Souffle, but it just makes my cheeks look messy for some reason. You have to be really careful and light-handed to apply, otherwise you will end up with patchy, messy cheeks which never is a good look. I just cannot be bothered to pay that much attention just to apply a blusher, I don't have time for that every morning! 

That's why I haven't used it since the first time I tried it. I much prefer Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek, which is 100 times easier to apply and 1000 times more beautiful on the cheeks. I didn't expect the formula to be this different depending on the shade.

If you ever think of purchasing their blusher, I don't recommend Apple Souffle at all! :(


Japanese magazine heaven

I'm not going to lie, I admit that I am a junkie when it comes to magazines. But usually I much prefer British or sometimes American magazines to Japanese ones. So it was expecting that I bought 6 Japanese magazines in November. That's crazy. And Japanese magazines aren't that cheap, what was I thinking? But I have a good excuse for each magazine.

Bea's up is a beauty magazine that used to be really popular I remember. It's not as popular as other beauty magazines now, but actually I really do like it. It's thinner which makes it easier to travel with, and the product reviews in this magazine is insane (of course in a good way). I had to buy it because it's the beauty award issue!

Voce I believe is the best selling Japanese beauty magazine. I feel like it's targeting younger readers than I am, but I still enjoy it a lot. This is also a beauty award issue, and it came with a sample of Biore Face Wash that won a best cleanser award or something.

Yup, another beauty magazine. MAQUIA is my favourite beauty magazine I must say, because they show different looks that are on trend each month and it's really enjoyable to look at. And this is also a beauty award issue. It made me really happy that MAQUIA finally came in a smaller size ;) I also love the cover photo of Erika Sawajiri, I wish I could exchange my whole face with hers.

ELLE is a hit and miss recently. I was obsessed with ELLE when I was in high school, but it became more and more conservative and boring in the past decade and recently I don't buy it much. The reason why I bought the latest issue was because I was interested in the book recommendations by celebrities including Natalie Portman and James Franco. Then I found out that a full-sized hand cream was coming with it. SOLD.

Vogue is also one of the mags I was obsessed when I was a teenager, but just like ELLE, it became crappier and crappier that I don't even have a look at a bookstore now. But you know what, when Vogue talks about beauty award, they know what they are talking about.

This thick book-in-book is all dedicated for the beauty award and oh my gosh it's amazing. 

Last by not least, ELLE girl. I know I'm not a girl anymore, but I bought it only because I wanted Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm. I've been loving the shade COY, and I was eying on INGENUE which I got with this mag for 390yen instead of 1200yen. I will write an in-depth review on the two shades another day, but they both are gorgeous.

So now I am surrounded by magazines and books that I haven't read. I feel pressure every single day that I have to read, because all the magazines are getting older and older that they don't even make sense anymore. I just don't have time for reading because I've been juggling my personal life, job, 3 blogs and eBay, and now I will be writing some column for a website. Enough with me rambling, I hope you enjoyed the post! Oh, and I will be selling magazines on eBay as well, send me a request if you have any mags you would like.


NEW on Beaut in Japan! Visee Color Impact Gel Liner -Winter Limited Shades

I am so excited to introduce you to the limited shades of my favourite pencil eyeliner from Visee. As I mentioned in my Autumnal Eyeliners post back in October, I have been obsessed with this eyeliner. I was a liquid-eyeliner type of girl for more than 10 years until I discovered how good this eyeliner was. Last month they brought these beautiful limited shads that I grabbed when I found them at the drugstore because their limited eyeliners are always very popular that they get sold out very quickly. In fact, I saw some people tweeting that the eyeliners and the nail polish that came with them were sold out already, only like 3-4 days after the launch. Insane, isn't it? But it's how good they are.

Warm Brown
This is Warm Brown, which has a red undertone compared to their permanent brown shade BR300, and more like a grown-up brown compared to another permanent brown shade BR301 which is a pinky brown.

It's so creamy and easy to draw the line. It's kind of shimmery but not glittery at all which is suitable for any occasions.

When applied on my eyelids, it shows up kind of subtle but definitely defines my eyes if that makes sense. I can build it up more by applying second and third coat, but I like how subtle it looks with one application and smudged a little bit.

Winter Orchid
This is the shade I was looking forward to getting my hands on when I saw this for the first time in a magazine a few months ago. You know I love taupe shade, and I thought this would go perfectly well with my taupe eyeshadows by no7 and Addiction. 

Ohhhh my gosh I can't get over how gorgeous it looks!! It's got this metallic finish that looks super gorgeous. It's more pueply than I expected, but this is one of the most beautiful eyeliner shades ever!

It does go well with eyeshadows in taupe, purple and grey. It adds a bit of colour on the eyelid which is a fun way to wear an eyeliner rather than always reaching out for boring black. I've been obsessed with this shade that I'm wearing it all the time. I kind of regret that I didn't buy two, I don't know what to do when I run out with it!

If you wish to see more details of these beautiful eyeliners, please check out my video! 

Beaut in Japan
This product is sold on my eBay page, Beaut in Japan

Direct link to the listing page on eBay: Visee Color Impact Gel Liner

Please feel free to leave your request on the comment section or you can email me anytime!


Tanya Burr Lip Gloss / Champagne Toast

Tanya Burr Lip Gloss / Champagne Toast £6.99
When I first heard that Tanya Burr launched a lip gloss collection, I was not that keen on it to be honest. Don't get me wrong, I love Tanya and her videos, I have been watching her for years now and she always inspires me when it comes to beauty and makeup. But I thought her collection including lip gloss and nail polish, was for more younger viewers of her. So I wasn't even planning to purchase it, but eventually I did for some reason. I think it was because I spotted this particular shade "Champagne Toast" when I was looking for a beigy lip gloss. 

 In her original collection, I didn't see many nude shades. This one and Chic were the only nude shades and Chic was sold out (and it was too pinky for me anyway), so I decided to purchase Champagne Toast on feelunique.

I like this slim applicator which takes out the perfect amount of lip gloss. The firmness of it very good as well, unlike some really hard applicators that actually hurt your lips, it's very soft and hugs the lips.

Of course I hate lip gloss that is sticky, but I also hate one that is too thin and runny that makes me look like I just ate something oily like chips. In my opinion lip gloss has to be quite thick yet not sticky, like this one.

It might look too natural in the photos, but actually it gives a very nice beigy colour to my lips. I like adding it on top of a lip stick that looks too strong on its own, as it mutes the tone down instantly, plus it adds this sparkling effect. Although I don't usually like glittery lip gloss, I don't mind this one at all because it doesn't leave the glitter particles on the lips when the lip gloss has been worn off.

One last -and the biggest- thing that I love about this lip gloss is the scent. It smells like strawberry candies, which makes me feel so happy instantly. It says it expires 4 months after opening the product, but I don't think I can finish up within 4 months as it's pretty big and I don't need to touch up many times throughout the day, because it lasts on my lips for hours. It's rare for a lip gloss to stay on the lips for hours especially at work when I'm talking, drinking and eating constantly. 

It's impressive how good the quality is for the price, I am thinking of purchasing more from her collection. Recently she added new shades and I really want Berry Picking (a perfect wintery shade!) and Lunch Date (a pretty nudy pinky coral shade), but I'm waiting for YEN to be stronger again as it's 185yen / pound, though it used to be like 126yen / pound when I went to England for the first time in 2012! I can hardly shop at feelunique now :( Anyway, let me know if you have tried anything from her collection!